Frequently Asked Questions

How does Community Composting work?
Community Composting delivers a compost cart for your yard. You simply deposit your organic waste into the cart. The cart is emptied every four weeks on a scheduled pickup day for your neighbourhood. You will also receive a 20 Litre bag of composted soil with each pick up. For more information about the service please see How It Works.

What size are the compost carts?

  • The large cart has a capacity of 360 Litres (95 gallons), measures 24” wide x 35” deep x 43” high and is ideal for regular to large yards or sharing (i.e. condos).
  • The smaller cart has a capacity of 120 Litres (32 gallons) and measures 19” wide x 22” deep x 37” high and is ideal of household waste only or households with small yards.

For more information about our carts see Carts.

Where can I place my cart?
You may place the cart where it is convenient to you. The location must allow for a route for us to easily roll the cart to our truck on your pickup day (i.e. no locked gates, steep grades or stairs).

What can I place in the container?
Please see What’s In & What’s Out

Can I place weeds in the container?
Yes. We can accept all weeds and other invader species because the composting system we use is more advanced than a back yard compost bin. All material is ground up and allowed to reach temperatures up to 70 degrees Celsius, effectively killing all pathogens and seeds.

What do I have to do for my scheduled pickup?
Nothing at all. No need to worry about moving the container to the curb – Community Composting crew does all the work.

What if I have more material than my container will hold?

We will take extra green waste when it is possible for us to do so. Please have your extra material beside your cart, bundled or bagged (paper yard bags are best), for pickup day so we can easily remove it.

For larger amounts of extra material or busier gardening months, we can also provide an additional compost cart. Extra pickup charges do apply. Contact us for more details.

I’d like to sign up. How do I begin?

Click Here or contact us at 250-884-7645. To sign up, we simply need your name, address, and phone number. We will deliver a compost cart to you and you can begin right away. You will also receive an invoice with your pickup schedule at the same time.

Can I get more bags of soil?
We are happy to deliver extra bags of soil. Please call to get our current price and set up a delivery.

  • Contact Us
    or 1-877-954-7645 (toll-free)

    PO Box 45002
    Victoria, BC V9A 0C3

    We are always happy to respond to questions.

A Vancouver Island Company, since 2006

We started Community Composting in 2006 and we are continuously thankful to all of our Vancouver Island customers. The Community Composting Team (Matt, Kyle, Chad, Tulsa, and Kelly)


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