Subscription Details, Terms & Conditions

Pickup Schedule

Subscriptions are prepaid, normally for 6-pickup or 12-pickup terms. A subscriber’s pickup schedule is normally every 4 weeks, unless otherwise arranged. The pickup schedule is detailed on the subscriber’s invoice and can also be found on our website at in the Maps & Schedules tab. We do our best to provide pickup service per the schedule but pickup dates may change or be cancelled due to mechanical failure, staffing issues, inclement weather, closed streets, etc. Infrequently, we may alter the pickup schedule due to required route changes to accommodate changes in subscriber volumes. We email subscribers as much advance notice as possible regarding any change in pickup dates or schedule.

Access to Cart

Subscribers are not required to move the cart to the curb on pickup day. Our drivers retrieve the cart from the subscriber’s yard. A subscriber may move the cart around their yard as needed but, where possible, we would prefer the cart to be in the same location for pickup day. Subscribers are responsible to ensure we have access to the cart and a path to roll it to our truck. A subscriber may forfeit the pickup fee(s) if we are unable to perform collection due to locked gates, stairs, steep hills, tripping hazards, blocked access, rough terrain, closed or blocked streets, too heavy of carts, unacceptable items in cart, or other factors beyond our control that restrict our ability to perform service.


Subscribers who choose a subscription with soil (compost) will have a 20L bag of soil delivered with each pickup. “No soil” subscriptions are also available (currently for $2+GST less per pickup). If we are unable to deliver soil during a pickup (due to compost production or bagging problems, etc.) we may instead opt to provide the subscriber a refund for the missed soil in the amount of the difference between a subscription with soil and without soil (currently $2+GST less per pickup). Subscribers can call or email to inquire with us about purchasing additional soil (currently $4+tax per bag).


Subscriptions have no commitment. A subscriber may cancel at any time. Once we have retrieved the cart, we will refund the unused portion of the subscription and the cart deposit, if applicable. Refunds are normally made by cheque. Where applicable, cart deposits may be offset and reduced against our services provided but not paid by the subscriber.


Subscribers can contact us to go on hold. When a subscription is on hold, the subscriber retains the cart and can contact us to resume pickup service when needed.


We provide subscribers with a lidded, wheeled cart, designed to work with the lift system installed on our trucks. Subscribers can choose between two sizes of carts (360L and 120L). Subscribers are required to pay a $95 deposit for each cart. Deposits do not bear interest. If a cart is lost, stolen, or damaged, we can supply a replacement cart but the subscriber may be required to forfeit their cart deposit and pay for an additional cart deposit. When a customer cancels their subscription, deposit(s) are refunded once we have retrieved the cart(s). Cart deposits may be offset or reduced against our services provided but not paid by the subscriber. At our discretion, we may opt to retain the cart deposit in lieu of the customer retaining the cart.

 Subscriber Information

We protect our subscriber information. Subscriber information is not sold or shared (except the possibility to an outside collection agency in the event subscription fees become overdue and our attempts to collect fail). If paying by credit card, the subscriber agrees to have their name and details stored in a profile with our credit card payment processor.


We accept no liability for the subscriber’s storage or use of the cart or soil.
With each subscription and/or renewal (whether active or on hold), subscribers are bound by the above terms and conditions. Subscription Details, Terms, and Conditions are subject to change at any time without notice by Community Composting, Inc.

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