Our Soil

Directions for Use
Garden & Flower Beds
Blend in 20 ltrs of compost per 5 square meters of area to a depth of 20cm.
Lawns & Top Dressing
Top dress lawns and garden with compost to a depth of 1/2 to 1 cm.

Our high quality, organic compost is made from a blend compostable grass clippings, yard and kitchen waste and ground wood byproducts. Our soil is prepared by Cinnabar Valley Farms located in Nanaimo, BC.

Benefits of Composting


Environmental Benefits

Reduce the amount of usable greenwaste entering our landfills. Reuse organic material to produce a renewable resource (trimmings from food crops can be reused to produce nutrient rich soil for future generations).

Composting helps to reduce methane gas released from landfills. When organic materials are buried in landfills they get densely packed, depriving them of oxygen. They still breakdown, but without oxygen the decomposition process produces methane, a greenhouse gas. Food and yard waste consist of over 40 percent of garbage from our homes, which makes landfills one of the largest sources of greenhouse gases.

Personal Benefits
Compost is a valuable soil amendment which will improve the fertility of your soil, plant vitality, and water purity.

Organic matter in compost increases the soil’s water holding ability. Both rain and irrigation water are held in the root zone longer, which helps keep your garden healthier and greener during dry periods.

Your property will stay cleaner as well as reducing the opportunity of pests nesting and breeding on your property.

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