• Many of our subscribers have tried to maintain their own compost but find it too time consuming and difficult to keep up.
  • Backyard composting will attract pests if it is not properly maintained.
  • Composting requires a balance in a variety of organic materials. The location and construction of a typical backyard compost can make creating and maintaining this balance challenging.
  • Some materials are unsuitable for backyard composts, such as large branches, weeds, and invasive species; which Community Composting can effectively compost.
  • Residents may also haul their organic materials to a municipal site but this requires a suitable vehicle, as well as your valuable time.


  • Modeled after existing waste recycling programs, Community Composting provides a clean and effective solution to greenwaste recycling.
  • You receive an instant return of composted soil for your uncomposted greenwaste.
    Hassle free service, no moving the cart to the sidewalk.
  • Reduce reusable, household garbage entering the landfills.
  • Advanced composting techniques ensure proper organics mixture and final products are “garden safe”.

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